Frequently Asked Questions

Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program

What is the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program?

This program is designed to address the corporate-owned vehicle needs of our business customers.

How does the Fleet Program work?

Business customers must be approved by Mercedes-Benz USA in order to participate. Our Corporate Fleet specialists will walk you through the process step by step. Contact Kristin Bedford or Adam Harris at 281-554-9100 to get started. Once you are approved, we will deduct the applicable corporate fleet incentive from the transaction price. (Deduction of incentive payment is reflected on the Buyer’s Order.)

Will corporate customers receive an incentive on the vehicles?

Yes, there is a dollar incentive on eligible vehicles purchased through the program to qualified companies with a Corporate Account Number (CAN). Alex Rodriguez will deduct your applicable corporate customer fleet incentive from the transaction price. (Deduction of incentive payment will be reflected on Buyer’s Order.)

Are the incentives based on a calendar year or Model Year basis?

Incentives are based on a Model Year basis.

If a customer did not qualify for a Corporate Account Number initially, but then purchases enough vehicles to qualify over the course of the year, are the purchases retroactive?



How do companies become eligible to receive a Corporate Account Number (CAN)?

Companies need to complete a Corporate Account Enrollment form. To qualify for a CAN, the following criteria must be met:

  • A company must have 15 or more vehicles (any make or model, owned or leased) currently registered in the company name.
  • Registrations must be currently active.

Is the Corporate Account Number (CAN) good at all Mercedes-Benz Dealerships?

Yes, a business customer only needs one Corporate Account Number (CAN). Once the CAN has been activated, it can be used at all dealerships. A CAN helps Mercedes-Benz Fleet Operations track the sales by company and facilitates the administration of the incentives. Companies will be encouraged to use dealers who are convenient to executives, likely resulting in the use of multiple points of purchase.


Are all Model Years included?

Only current and prior Model Year vehicles available during the program calendar year are eligible as long as the vehicles are new.

Are demo vehicles included?

Yes, demo vehicles are eligible as long as they have not been registered as retail sales
by a dealer.

Are all models available under the program?

Not all models will qualify for incentives under the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program, although the majority of the product line is available.

Are Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned vehicles eligible for the
Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program?

Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are not eligible for incentives under the
Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program. Only new vehicles are included in the program.


What is the Executive Allowance Bonus?

Executive Allowance Bonus (EAB) is an enhancement to the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program. Available exclusively to executives, managers, and sales representatives with individual vehicle allowances, EAB provides significant incentives on individually purchased or leased Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Expense report reimbursement does not qualify an executive for EAB.

How does the Executive Allowance Bonus work?

Corporate customers must first be enrolled in the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program to participate. Once the company is enrolled in the Fleet Program, the executive or Fleet Manager should submit the Executive Allowance Bonus Enrollment Form to MBUSA Fleet Operations at 281-554-9190 with the required documentation. An Executive Allowance Bonus Incentive Form with the control number is then returned via fax or email. At time of purchase, executives must provide their EAB Incentive Form with the Control Number, and a copy of the EAB applicant’s pay stub or equivalent (i.e. direct deposit slip) to Alex Rodriguez. The applicable incentive will be deducted from the transaction price. (Deduction of incentive payment must be reflected on Buyer’s Order.)

How do executives participate in EAB?

In order for you to participate in the EAB enhancement, your company must first have a Corporate Account Number (CAN). To obtain one, your company must complete a CAN enrollment form (available from our Corporate Fleet Specialists). Follow the instructions on the form and fax it to 281-554-9190.

Either the fleet manager, person responsible for fleet executive allowances, or the executive must then complete an EAB Enrollment Form, also available from our Corporate Fleet Specialists. Once the enrollment form is completed, the company can submit it via fax to 281-554-9190.

How can executives receive an EAB incentive on the vehicles?

Once the executive receives the EAB Incentive Form with the Control Number via fax,
he/she should:

  • Visit our dealership and present the form.
  • We will complete and sign the Incentive Form at delivery.

The executive must also sign the form at this time. The executive can either purchase/lease a vehicle from dealer inventory or order a vehicle through the dealership. The vehicle must be purchased/leased only in the name of the person listed on the Incentive Form. The fleet incentive must be used at the time of purchase or lease. Fleet incentives cannot be used in conjunction with Dealer Employee Purchase Program (DEPP), Mercedes Vehicle Plan (MVP), Master Lease Program (MLP), Diplomat, European Delivery, Courtesy Vehicle Program (CVP), Special Demos, Competitor Conquest Program, other Fleet Programs (Corporate Sales or Fleet Employee Program (FEP)), or non-U.S. Specification vehicles.

What is a Control Number?

It is a unique number assigned to a specific individual. It is included on the EAB Incentive Form, which is required to obtain an EAB incentive.

How can executives obtain a control number?

To obtain a control number on your EAB Incentive Form, executives should complete the EAB Enrollment Form. This form is available from our Corporate Fleet Specialists. The completed form must be faxed to MBUSA Fleet Operations at 281-554-9190 along with the required documentation.

How many Control Numbers can executives obtain?

Only one Control Number per executive can be issued per calendar year.

Are the incentives based on calendar year or Model Year?

Similar to the Fleet Program, EAB incentives are based on Model Year.